We accept any orders, both many kinds in small quantities and mass production, and process and assemble a wide range of special metals and resins

We mainly make artificial satellite parts, aircraft parts, and machine tool parts.
Based on ISO 9001 Quality Management System, we thoroughly manage our products from the time of receiving an order to inspection and delivery.
We improve our technology to provide reliable products with more accuracy to customers. We also try to realize earlier delivery and lower costs.
アルミニウム加工サンプルAluminum processing sample アルミニウム加工サンプル
Processing sample
Processing sample
チタン加工サンプルTitanium processing sample

Processed products

  • Processing related to artificial satellite parts / antenna, panel, parts for assembling, honeycomb panel etc.
  • Processing related to aircraft parts / parts related to servo motors, jigs for assembling and inspection etc.
  • Processing related to electrical device parts / heat sinks, shaved cases, secondary process of casting etc.
  • Machine tool parts / parts related to robots, parts of products of machine builders, casting secondary process of casting etc.
  • Products related to defense, trial manufacture of car engine parts, aircraft parts / 3D 5-axis processing