Test data of Dash-kun

Test data of Dash-kun

Item   Machine number 1 Machine number 2
Test machine TC-S2C-O by Brother Industries, Ltd 112903 111893
Type of cutting oil   Microcut KD Microcut KD
Tank capacity   150L 150L
Mixed quantity Mixture ratio of 10% 15L 15L
Starting date   December 24, 2008 December 24, 2008
Processing material Stainless    
Working process Drilling tap    
  1. Change the cutting oil of the tapping centers used for mass production processing at the same time and keep them under the same condition.
  2. Operate Dash-kun during night time by a light sensor for Machine number 2.
  3. Check the amount and concentration of the cutting oil through the ordinary maintenance.
  4. Check the odor twice a month inside the machining centers.
  5. Remove accumulated lubricating oil with an oil skimmer.
Date Jan 15 Jan 31 Feb 15 Feb 29 Mar 17 Mar 31 Apr 15 Apr 30 May 15
number 1
number 2
Date May 31 Jun 15 Jun 30 Jul 15 Jul 31 Aug 18 Aug 19 Sep 16 Sep 30
number 1
× changed on 19    
number 2
Date Oct 15 Oct 30 Nov 17 Nov 28 Dec 17 Dec 26 ◎ Excellent
○ Good
△ Not good
● Foul odor
× Change
number 1
number 2
× changed on 26

△ Not good…it has been evaluated to be not good from various aspects
such as pH level, color and turbidity regardless of generation of odor.

  1. In January and February, bacteria are less likely to be generated since the temperature often falls below 20 degree Celsius, and the condition is similar to the case with using this unit.
  2. From March to April, deterioration of cutting oil is accelerated along with the generation of bacteria.
  3. At the beginning of May, deterioration is 2.exponentially accelerated since the room temperature gets higher and the machines are often turned off during holidays.
  4. In case using this unit, bacteria propagation is well inhibited and cutting oil is prevented from exponential deterioration.
  5. The tank without using this unit smells a little in May, and its color was changed and became quite smelly in June and July.
  6. In case using this unit, there is no emulsification or isolation and almost no odor even after May.
  7. From September to December, it was changed since neutral pH and change in color was seen (It can continue to be used by adding appropriate cutting oil without changing).

Cost reduction with using this unit

Dividing the price of cutting oil stock solution by working days simply

Price of 15 liter cutting oil ¥18,000/ 7 months = ¥2,570  
  ¥18,000/ 12 months = ¥1,500 ¥1,070 can be saved per month

Using n-0300W for 2 machines saves \2,140 per month with the above calculation.
Also, considerable savings can be achieved totally, since using cutting oil in good condition extends cutting tools lives, and then failure rate will decrease.

  • Although 150liter tank was used in this test, NV40000 (400 liter tank) by DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD. in our company is currently being tested. (It has been operated only in night time for 10 months from February 2009 until now).
    Using 300 or 500 liter tank simply saves \25,680 or \42,300 respectively
  • It’s predicated on using ordinary cutting oil without any problem.