Generation of silver ion and copper ion

Generation of silver ion and copper ion


All kinds of metal elute a small amount of metal ion on contact with water. If copper pipes are used for plumbing, copper ion is eluted slightly

In 1893, Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli, a botanist in Switzerland, found that the water with only a small amount of copper ion which was difficult to be analyzed at that time kills spirogyra, a kind of algae. He also noticed that the water with other metal such as silver or mercury has the similar effect

As it has been said “the water in copper pot will be kept good” from the ancient times, the surface of copper always maintains sterility with bactericidal action. The surface of 10 yen coin is germfree due to oligodynamic metal action, as well.

Although it loses mass in theory since it elutes ion from the surface on the molecular level, the copper mesh and silver mesh of the foam sprinkler are never dissolved away, since the pump life reached an end earlier during a period of use of 3 or 5 years

Generator itself is extremely expensive and maintenance costs money which are not realistic, even though the stronger effect can be expected by generating silver or copper ion with electrolysis (Change of cutting oil is cheaper).

If you spoil the cutting oil until you need to invest a lot of money on plant and equipment such as ion generator/ purification system, please use this easy unit (Dash-kun) for daily maintenance which deodorizes substantially only with oligodynamic metal action and pumped air. We are sure you can use it comfortably.

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