Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We believe that privacy protection of customers is an important issue so we set the following privacy policy and perform our duties to respect and provide appropriate privacy protection.

■About privacy policy
Regarding personal information provided by our customers, we keep it under strict control and use it for our management task only. We never provide it to the third party unless we receive permission by customers or we are required to do so by laws and regulations.

■About the use of information
Regarding information which is registered for inquiry, we do not use it other than for the management task of this website, such as confirmation of customers, contact to customers, and provision of product information to customers who prefer to receive the service.

■About disclosure of personal information
We do not disclose personal information without the customer’s consent. However, when we are required to disclose information based on due process of laws or when we have to protect our right or property, we could use the minimum necessary information for the purpose.

■About management system of provided information
Regarding information provided by customers, we handle it in a responsible manner under the management of this website.
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We assume that any customer who visits this website agrees with the privacy policy of this website. Depending on various reasons, we could partially alter, revise, add, or delete the privacy policy above on this website.